How To Build Your Own DIY Reflector.

If you are reading the blog for a while, you know that we are big fans of using reflectors. They are easy to use, provide great light on location and do not require any electricity (they are not very wind resistant, but that is another story.

JP Morgan and The Slanted Lens discovered a great source for creating those modifiers as good as they get – Big, Sturdy and Cheap.reflector-03-670x375The idea is to take 2 pieces of silver bead foam board from Home Depot, place them back to back and remove the silver cover off one side.

To get the two units together, wrap the edges with some gaff tape, then place some gaff around the silvery side to make sure it does not shed all around.

This is really a brilliant idea if you have the storage (or truck) for it, or if you opt for smaller sizes.reflector-01-670x329It is also a very good use of space as it provides both a white reflector and a silver reflector.

Total cost is around $8-$10 depending on the brand you use
[Make Your Own Reflector DIY Tutorial | The Slanted Lens]

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